Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss can have a whole range of contributing factors, yet time and time again we see stress being blamed as a predominant cause of premature hair loss and male pattern baldness.

  • Is this really the case?
  • Is stress such a highly prolific case of hair loss?
  • Is stress healthy?

The real kicker is that a level of stress in our lives is beneficial, it keeps us fro becoming depressed and lazy, but too much stress is also a bad thing, which is why stress management has become such a hot topic in recent years. So stress in itself is not unhealthy, but high level of stress.

How does this effect hair loss?

A persons hair is much like an overall indicator of their general health. If you are fit, well nourished and generally in good health both physically and mentally, then it is highly likely your hair will seem both well conditioned and vibrant with very little extra care. When we become run down or sick our hair starts to look less and less healthy. Prolonged periods of high levels of stress are damaging to a persons health, so it makes sense that this should effect hair.

How can I help my hair by combating stress?

It is odd to think that stress induced hair loss is often a cause of even more stress, as people begin to worry about losing their hair, because of this it is important to try not to worry over much if you are beginning to lose your hair. You should definitely talk to your doctor, who will be able to advise you on stress management techniques that could help your condition.

Stress can be a killer, a far more serious condition than hair loss, so it is important that if you feel your hair loss is stress related, that you seek out medical advice swiftly, many people have discovered that once their stress issues have been addressed, their hair returns to full health once again. Stress is entirely treatable in almost all cases, and is no cause for alarm if caught before it becomes a serious health issue.