5 Factors for Healthy Shiny Hair

Nothing looks better than a full head of glossy hair, but for those of us who are beginning to lose it a little, it becomes doubly important to ensure that the hair we have left looks it’s best at all times. below are five ways to keep your hair glowing.

Healthy Diet

Vitamin E is absolutely essential to keeping your hair in the best condition possible. You should include plenty of foodstuffs with a high content of vitamin E in them in your diet. Green leaf vegetables, wheat germ, brown rice and nuts are all excellent examples.

Brush Your Hair

Brushing your hair regularly will stimulate the production of natural oils, these oils help to give your hair a shine, and also protect it from damage from the sun and other external dangers. Brush often, brush well.

Do Not Use A Hairdryer

A hairdryer will dry out your hair completely, naturals oils will be broken down and destroyed and you hair will be left straw dry. Instead, towel dry your hair until damp, and then rub in a coin sized drop of conditioner, allowing the hair to finish drying naturally.

Use A Good Conditioner

Find a conditioner that is designed to deep condition your hair down to the roots. Conditioner should always be used after you have cleaned your hair with any form of soap, conditioner helps to make the hair softer and shinier once the soap has dried it out.

Home Made Hair Conditioner

Natural ingredients make for the most natural hair conditioners, try this simple recipe for an excellent home made conditioner. Mash an avocado into a bowl thoroughly, then add a single tablespoon full of olive oil, along with just a teaspoon of baking powder, mix everything thoroughly and apply to your hair. Leave it in place for around 15 minutes and the rinse off.

So there we have five fantastic tips for ensuring your hair positively glows at all times. hair care is a serious business, if you have begin to loose yours through hair loss, then taking care of the hair you have left becomes increasingly important!